Double Head CNC Corner Cleaner SQJ2A-CNC-120

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Double Head CNC Corner Cleaner SQJ2A-CNC-120

Double Head CNC Corner Cleaner SQJ2A-CNC-120


It is used to clean the welding corner seam of plastic doors and windows


The cleaning of the two corners of the rectangular frame (fan) is completed at one time, which has high efficiency and meets the needs of mass production

It can be used to clean all kinds of profile welding corner facade, upper and lower plane welds and adhesive groove welds

Unique super head structure design ensures long-term accuracy and stability

High speed motor is used to clean the seam of adhesive strip groove, with high precision and appearance quality

It can realize dimension error compensation with high precision

The unique internal positioning mode ensures the accurate positioning of welding workpiece

CNC positioning of window size, high precision, easy operation

Servo drive system, numerical control system, solenoid valve, triplet and other main components are imported famous brand products with reliable performance and long service life

It can store the processing program of many kinds of profile

It can realize the arc difference compensation and diagonal difference compensation, and can ideally meet the needs of making high-quality doors and windows with various section profiles

The height design conforms to the principle of ergonomics and is easy to operate

Main technical parameters

Power supply                                                  380V, 50 Hz

Saw blade milling cutter motor speed           18000r / min

Saw blade milling cutter motor power           0.55kw × 2

Total power                                                     7.5kw

The gas pressure is                                         0.5 ~ 0.8MPa

Gas consumption                                            60L / min

Processing profile height                                30 ~ 120mm

Processing window frame range                     500 ~ 3000mm (moving direction of movable head)

The overall dimension of the equipment is    5250mm × 3150mm × 1950mm

It weighs about                                               2500kg