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Corner Cleaning Machine CNC-SQJA-CNC -120

Corner Cleaning Machine CNC-SQJA-CNC -120 


For welding seam cleaning of PVC window and door.

Main Features

Two axi control system.

Well-kmowm band servo drive system, CNC control system, solenoid valve, FRL and so on, ensure reliable performance and long using life.

Unique Internal positioning way ensures the cleaning predsion of welding seam.

Clean ouside vertical surfaoe, up/bottom welding seam and gasket groove , and also can process the lock installing slot of lift sash for Amenican profile once time (optional)

It can save different processing programs for different systems of PVC profies.

Compensate the deviation of the welding-seam of cambered surface and the oblique surface, ldeal to meet the producion requirement for high quailty window & doors with different protile sections.

Can customize tools according to profile section to meet different cleaning rquirement.

Main Parameter

Input Vltage                   308V 50Hz

Input Power                   1.4KW

Air Pressure                   0.5-0.8MPa

Air Consumption            40L/min

Main Cutter Revolution   2880r/min

Profle Width                  20-120mm

Protle Height                 30-120mm

Overal Dimension           1570mm x 2670m x2070rm

Weight                          500kg