SZX-100Automatic Drilling/Milling Center

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SZX-100Automatic Drilling/Milling Center

SZX-100Automatic Drilling/Milling Center


Automatically accomplish the processing of reinforcement steel driling and fastening, water slot milling, air balance groove milling, lock hole milling, installation hole diling for two profiles by one time.

Suitable for volume production of high quality window and door.

Main Features

Two pieces of profiles to be processed at the same time,improve the efficiency greatly.

Save labor cost, reduce production cost greatly.

Modular design, strong adaptabilit.

Automatic cycle feeding system, greatly reduce the loading time.

Screw feeding and dilling system are adopted genuine German parts with high stability.

Four screwing heads work together, highly improve the pro-duction efficiency.

Water slot mlling heads adopt unique layout and can be ap-plied to different kinds of profiles.

Water slot milling system adopts high-speed motors toimprove the processing quality.

Each profile can be driled with four nstallation holes at one time, largely improve the production efficiency.

With automatic unloading loff-loading system, easy to operate.

From loading to unloading, it adopts two passages with truss structure. The profles are transferred by 6 Manip-

ulators/grippers between different processing positions.

The truss system adopts high precision Industrial alu-minum material and square type linear guide, ensure the transfering precision.

Five- -axis CNC control with high automation.

German brand control system with high stability.

All the electric and pneumatic components with best quality to ensure the highly stability and reliability.

It can be connected with PC and select processing task automatically and accomplish CAD/CAM flexibly.

Bar code can be scanned to identfy processing infor-mation, no need manual input and adjustment.

Worktable and machine height are designed according to ergonomic principle to reduce labor intensity.

19-inch super-iarge control screen with graphical interface for simple and intuitive operation.

Suitable for volume and high-quality production of complex window -type.

Optional: It can be connected with reinforcement steel assembly table to form the cutting and milling unit by composing with cutting center.

Main Parameter

Voltage                                                 3P 380V 50 HZ

Input Power                                          Max. .43.26KW

Air Pressure                                           0.5~0.8MPa

Air Consumption                                   1500L J/min

Max Profile Width                                 110mm

Max Profile Height                                100mm

Processing Profile Length                      Max 2400mm

                                                               Min 400mm

Screw Distance                                       300mm

Motor Speed                                           2400rpm

Min. Torque                                            5.9Nm

Screw Length                                          13.0-45.0mm

Diameter for Screw Head                        6.0-9.0mm(according to head type)

Screw Diameter                                       3.0~4.5mm

Screw Feeding Speed                              30 -80screws/min

Water slot motor Rotary Speed               18000r/min

Water Slot Mlling Length                         Max 60mm

Water Slot Mlling Width                           5mm

Driling (l ock)Hole Motor Speed               960r/min

Diling (L ock) Hole Motor Power              1.5kw

Three Holes Diling Bits Diameter              φ10mm,φ12mm

Miling Transmission Slot Motor Power     1.5kw

Milling Transmission Slot Length              Max.100mm

Milling Transmission Slot Width               φ12mm

Diling (nsallation) Hole Motor Power        15kw

Diling (nsallation) Hole Distance               340-600mm

Driling (nsallation) Hole Diameter             13mm (Max)

Overall Dimension                                     14000mm x 4300mm x 2100mm

Weight                                                       9000kg