Four Head Welding Machine-SHZ4-120x4500

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Four Head Welding Machine-SHZ4-120x4500

Four Head Welding Machine-SHZ4-120x4500 


Used for corner and mullion welding of PVC windows

and doors. Canweld ┏、┏┓、┏┳┓ 、┳┳┳┳ 、╋╋╋╋ 、┏┓┏┓ shapes etc.

Main Features

Four head can work separately or corporately,flexible combination.

PLC controls the welding action/programs for high reliability.

Right machine head can weld free angel by using specific fixture.

Technical Parameters can be set to meet various processing requirement.

High welding precision.

Adopts high quality and reliability electrical and pneumatic components.

Good appearance of welding corners.

Main Parameter

Input Voltage                    220V 50Hz

IInput Power                     4.5KW

Air Pressure                      0.5~0.8MPa

Air Consumption              80L/min

Welding Profile Height     20~120mm

Welding Profile Width     Max. 120mm

Welding Range                400mm x 400mm~4500mm x 4500mm

Overall Dimension           5400mm x 1000mm x 1700mm

Weight                             1550kg