Six Point Welding Machine CNC-SHP6W-CNC-3000B

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Six Point Welding Machine CNC-SHP6W-CNC-3000B

Six Point Welding Machine CNC-SHP6W-CNC-3000B 


Welding unit for complex windows system solution

It can weld the frame of the complex windows, suchas“日” and so on

The welding efficiency can be increased by 5~6 times.

Main Features

Welding heads adopt special rigidity design with compact structure to increase the welding range and suitable for the complex window production mode.

Horizontal structure with strengthened rigidity design for stable operation.
The moving part of welding heads adopt linear bearing motion guide to ensure the high precision for the finished frame.

Adopt particular surface positioning system which can ensure the high welding precision.

Unique know-how which increases the strength of the welded corners.

Heating time starts when the heating plates reach at the right position, which meet the criterion of European welding.

Automatic positioning for four types of profiles on V welding machine heads. Easy to adjust.

2mm general welding and 0.2mm seamless welding are adjustable.

Teflon could be changed with the roller device to shorten the changing time.

Controlled by seven- axis CNC system which can compensate the tolerance of the size, and increase the precision of the welding size.

The whole machine adopts high quality electric, pneumatic and mechanic parts which make it more reliable.

With high speed automatic conveying system to increase the production efficiency.

Worktable and the body height are designed by ergonomic principles to reduce labor intensity

17-inch super-large control screen with graphical interface for simple and intuitive operation.

Main Parameter

Input Voltage                  3P 380V 50HZ

Input Power                    ≈13.5KW

Air Pressure                    0.5~0.7MPa

Air Consumption            120L /min

Welding Height              35 ~ 120mm (Mulion Profile:55 ~ 120mm)

Welding Width               Corner Welding: 120mm; Mullion Welding: 90mm

Welding Range              480mm x 700mm ~ 1800mm x 3000mm

Overall Dimension         4000x 7700(including transfer table3200 x 2000 mm)

Weight                           ≈3500kg