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Automatic Lock Hole Milling Machine-SZSA-100

SZSA-100 Automatic Lock Hole Milling Machine


Drilini/Milling all kinds of lock holes and slots for PVC window and door.

Main Features

Composed of three-hole driling part (horizontal direction) and copy routing part (vertical direction).

The height of three-hole drlling bits can be adjusted easily.

The up/down moving of three dilling bits is guided by the added pllar to ensure them in parallel with the bottom.

Three-hole driling parts are moved to the rear of machine for easy operation.

Adopt hydro-pneumatic actuator cylinder for feeding to save labor.(SZSA- 100)

Easy adjustment of the processing position.

Main Parameter

Input Voltage                          380V 50HZ

Input Power                            1.1KW, 0.75KW

Air Pressure                            0.5-0.8MPa

Air Consumption                    12L /min

Three-hole Cutter Diameter   φ12 φ10

Copy Cutter Diameter            φ5 φ8

Copy Miling Range                 290 x 90mm(L xW)

Overall Dimension                  3150mm x 1020mm x 1600mm

Weight                                    400kg