Double Mitre Saw-LJZ2F-500x 5000

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Double Mitre Saw-LJZ2F-500x 5000

Double Mitre Saw-LJZ2F-500x5000


For PVC and aluminum profile cutting

Main Features

45°and 90°Cutting angle can be exchanged automatically

Large cutting range and the max. Cutting width can reach 320mm, 4 pcs of profiles can be cut together if the width of profile is less than 60mm

Both horizontal and vertical clamping system which not only can ensure the precision of the positioning, but also can apply to clamping different profiles.

Safeguard covers on both cutting heads can protect the operators.

The rail of machine and feeding heads for cutting adopt the linear bearing motion pair

Reasonable structure and precise processing of whole machine is for high precision of finished product.

CNC control with auto length stop, high automation. ( For integrated CNC model)

Automatic compensation of cutting dimension, high precision of re-positioning.

High precision and high efficiency, ideal machine for high-grade window processing.

With high cutting precision and efficiency, it' s the ideal option for high-grade PVC window and door fabrication.

Main Parameter

Input Voltage                   380V 50HZ

Input Power                      4.4KW+1.5KW (dust collector)+0.75KW(drive)

Air Pressure                      0.5~ 0.8MPa

Air Consumption              100 L/min

Motor Speed                    2800r/min

Cutting Length: Max        5000mm

Cutting Length: Min         450mm

Saw Blade Specification   φ500mm x 4.3mm x φ30mm

Overall Dimension           7400mm x 1800mmx 1600 mm

Weight                             1900kg