Automatic Welding/ Cleaning Production Line-AWCL-400

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Automatic Welding/ Cleaning Production Line-AWCL-400

Automatic Welding/ Cleaning Production Line-AWCL-400 


One time finish two rectangle welded frame/sash and corner cleaning automatically.

Main Features

Composed of welding unit, automatic conveying unit and Four head automatic cleaning unit.

Horizontal structure with strengthened rigidity design for stable operation.
Feeding system of welding head adopts motion square guide rail for good stability and reliability.

Unique forced synchronization technology with special know-how which increases the strength and quality of the welding corners.

Welding block can be changed very fast and conveniently.

Automatic discharging system for double-layer welding to keep machine working more stably and reliably.

The Four Head Corner Cleaning Machine can finish the positioning, cleaning and transfer-ring the welded-frames automatically, and no need manual intervention.

The corner cleaning unit can clean welding seam of up/bottom surface, external vertical section and gasket groove with the perfect cleaning effect.

Most of the main parts (CNC system, electrical system, pneumatic system etc.)adopt the well-known brand product, more reliable with longer service life

Optimized program design for higher production efficiency

Only need one operator, save labor cost

Especially suit for the factories who produce high-grade PVC Windows & Doors with the large output

Main Parameter

Input Voltage              3P 380V, 50 HZ

Input Power                32.5 kW

Air Pressure                0.5~ 0.8 MPa

Air Consumption        260 U/min

Welding height          30mm~100mm

Welding Width          ≤110mm

Welding Size Range   min.500x650mm, max.1800x3000mm

Cleaning Size range   min.500x750mm, max.1800x3000mm

Overall Dimensions   15500mm x 5250mm x 2000 mm

Weight                       6000 kg