Cutting Center-SJMC02

Cutting Center-SJMC02

Cutting Center-SJMC02

The cutting unit used for the solution of complex window system.

It can accomplish the cutting of 45° , V-notch and mullion automaticall, and suitable for window and door volume production.

Main Features

It can automatically download and optimize the data of PVC cutting and technical parameters of processing, no need manual input and adjust

Automatic accomplish profile holding, feeding and cutting, high degree of automation.

Circle feeding system, highly improves the production efficiency.

The manipulator can hold 4 pieces of PVC profiles each time for cutting and improve the production efficiency.

High-speed feeding system, high production efficiency I

High-precision spindle motor, to ensure the high quality of processing.

Adopt the linear bearing system for higher precision processing.

Adopt three- axis CNC system for high degree of automation.

Well-known brand driven system, high precision.

Fully adopt high quality electrical and pneumatic components with stability and high reliability.

It can communicate with PC and choose processing task automatically and accomplish CAD/CAM flexibly

Barcode printer is available which print the label with material information in time to accomplish identification of processing information and material management.(software support)

With automatic unloading system, simple and convenient operation.

With automatic waste profile collection system, to keep the working environment clean and tidy.

Worktable and the body height are designed by ergonomic principle, reduce labor intensity.

Large 17-inch control screen, together with the graphical interface, simple and intuitive operation.

Suitable for volume and high-quality production of complex window-type.

Main Parameter

Voltage                                                     380V 50Hz

Input Power                                              10.5KW

Air Pressure                                              0.5~ 0.8MPa

Air Consumption                                      330L /min

Rotary Speed                                            3000 r/min

Saw Blade Specification                           φ 500mm x 4.3mmxφ30mm

Max. Cutting Width                                 150mm (Single Piece)

Range of Profile Processing Length         Max 6000mm(According to requirement)

Cutting Height                                         Frame/Sash:≤120mm

                                                                 Mullion: 54-120mm

                                                                 V-notch Depth:≤(60mm)

Min. Cutting Length                                Frame/Sash: 400mm


Overall Dimension                                  11900mm x 4300mm x 2400mm

Weight                                                    3600kg